C  U  R  R  E  N  T    ⌂    P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S 

We create quality, attainable housing options that

people are proud to call HŌM [home]. 


The Melrose Hotel  

More information coming soon!


The O'Rourke Building 

The O'Rourke Building's exquisite architectural design and fine masonry elevate the 23 unit residential complex to a spellbinding work of art. The thoughtful brick detail and use of exotic stone reflect the strong economic conditions of its time. In it's hay day the now empty rooms were homes, the iron overhangs had fine stained-glass and the exterior walls were dressed in copper lighting.Today most of its interiors have been lost in time and ownership but some original trims, hardwoods and hardwares remain the same. the Inspiration for this project digs back into its towns roots of the copper mining days: raw materials and grit.


Our goal for this project is restoration and preservation of the historic property converting the spaces into condos. Currently we have only 5 units available out of the 11 condos slated to be finishes in 2021. 

9552-O'Rourke - Exterior -07-03-2019.jpg

The Kenwood Building 

This historic four story, all brick building houses two store front commercial spaces and three levels of space with amazing views of the mountains and downtown. Our favorite part of the building is the original neon sign hanging above the entrance and its central location; in the heart of Historic Uptown Butte. 

Coming 2021. 

Grand Apartments 


This historic farmhouse was once a single family home converted and separated into 7 units. We have  brought the building up to standard building codes. Part of the renovation plan was to upgrade units with fresh materials. Along with cosmetic upgrades we will overhauling old lease agreements with tenants, implementing new fees and adding an onsite, shared laundry room. This is a great turn-key investment property that tenants will be proud to call home.